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Компьютер cressi giotto руководство пользователя, демонстрационны материал для детей овощи

Компьютер cressi giotto руководство пользователя

Скачать инструкцию по эксплуатации декомпрессиметра Cressi Giotto (рус.) 3 ,65 Мб Инструкция для компьютера Cressi-sub Giotto. CRESSI PC. INTERFACE. VERSION 2.0. Instructions. Manual (Italia – EU). The software is designed to enable the user to download all dive data from the following. Cressi Settings: This is the panel which, for Leonardo, Giotto & Newton devices, allows The watch computer display will show the necessary. Shop Cressi Giotto Wrist Computer - FREE Shipping - Giotto is the first mixed gas dive is altitude adjustable and has a user replaceable 3-Volt CR2430 battery. (135 g) The Computer also comes with a comprehensive owners manual.

Carefully read this user manual, including the safety measures Giotto computer is provided with a user friendly display, which “accompanies” the diver during. Amazon.com : Cressi Sub Giotto Wrist Dive Computer (Black / Black) : Sports User can switch units of measure from Metric (meters and C ) to Imperial (feet and F ). to create a dive plan, and will have to refer back to the instruction manual. Можно купить «Наручный декомпрессиметр Cressi GIOTTO черный» по ценам от Пользователь также может выбрать систему измерения – метрическую или Полное описание возможностией данной модели компьютера вы. Cressi Giotto Is A Mixed Gas Diving Computer Packed With Features But Easy To Use . Cressi Giotto Wrist Diving Computer . Download Cressi Giotto Manual ( 3Mb) . Deep stop can be turned on or off; User-replaceable batteries; Visual Cressi Giotto Wrist Computer, Gauge Guard, Owner's Manual, Digital Online Class Super Sharp and Clear Display; Perfect Ergonomics and User- friendliness.

Пользователя giotto компьютер cressi руководство

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